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"This is an important and perceptive memoir that provides insight into the counter-culture movement of the 1960s and social justice movement of the 1980s with its concern for helping the homeless and its opposition to public authority. B Wardlaw provides a moving account of why he joined these movements and the personal struggles he faced."

- Clifford Clark, Professor of History, Carleton College

"From brazen antics around the White House lawn while working with the Community for Creative Non-Violence in Washington, D.C. to the touching scenes of his mother’s final days in Atlanta, B Wardlaw’s story follows the unexpected turns of a tumultuous life. A fortune inherited from his grandfather left him free to express his compassion for the outcast, the prisoner, and the persecuted in concrete ways. This engaging memoir will make you laugh out loud and bring tears to your eyes as it introduces you to a Southern voice you have not heard before. "

- Kathleen Cleaver, Senior Lecturer, Emory University School of Law; editor of Eldridge Cleaver’s Target Zero: A Life in Writing; and author of the forthcoming Memories of Love and War


"B Wardlaw and I met when he came on the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless Board of Directors in 1997, shortly after the building at Peachtree and Pine was purchased by his Mother through the Gertrude Wardlaw Fund. The only reason we have lasted as long as we have is because of B and his family. The efforts by the downtown business community, as well as the City of Atlanta, to dry up funding to close us down have been brutal. Coca-Cola Anarchist puts our struggle at the Task Force and the escapades that have defined B's life all in perspective. I know that you will find it as compelling to read as I did."

- Myrtle Davis, Former Member of the Atlanta City Council; Secretary-Treasurer of the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless

"[Coca-Cola Anarchist]... is personal and public Atlanta history, a fascinating, original slant on the American South that encompasses nine generations of Wardlaw family romance as well as his own, sexual, marital, and political experimentation, his own rebellion, revolution, and civil war and how he became a social activist, a committed non-violent civil disobedient. This book's original voice warrants attention, and casts an exciting, revelatory light on the on-going, crucial experiment in democracy called the United States of America.

- Doris Schwerin, Author of the memoir Diary of a Pigeon Watcher, novelist and composer

"When B Wardlaw first passed along Coca Cola Anarchist for me to read, I was filled with a sense of dread. “Not another friend with delusions of a best seller,” I thought. But because I love B so much I decided to wade through it instead of just pretending to read it. I couldn’t put it down! I literally sat in a parking lot, on my way to a meeting, in order to finish reading it. B uses the lens of history to tell his own story while allowing us to glimpse inside the rise of a powerful and wealthy Southern family. He pulls no punches in telling this story as he works to reconcile his own truth with a sometimes difficult family history. I am thrilled this book is finally being published. I can’t wait to read it again."

Carol Fennelly, Executive Director, Hope House, Washington, D.C.

“Coca-Cola Anarchist is a wonderful, moving, and critical story of B Wardlaw's rejection of class and racial privilege by embracing a life filled with love and solidarity. As a memoir of the late 1950's and 60's up to the present, it shows us a fabulous and otherwise unknown facet of social movements against nuclear war and U.S. hegemony and for justice for the homeless."

- Susan Rosenberg, Former U.S. political prisoner. Author, professor and communications specialist.

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Coca-Cola Anarchist

Anarchist– One who believes in the inviolability of life, the primary value of the individual, mutual aid to one’s fellow humans, egalitarianism, and co-operation on all levels of society, a philosophy upheld by no party line and no sacred texts.
            - Johnson Thomas (1937-2009)

Stories of escape from a wealthy white enclave to the joys of a larger world and eventual familial reconciliation. Preview these stories including:

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